For entrepreneurs, business owners
or C-level managers

AI assistants

Your digital partner right on Telegram.

Perhaps the best Artificial Intelligence experience you'll have waiting for you.
Focused on solving business challenges
Analyze risks, help draft a contract or business plan, suggest a feature for a new product, or share a way to solve problems.
Personal mentor and coach
Knows your name and understands your line of work. Supports you in difficult situations, encourages you to take action, gives you advice and shares your opinions.
Keeps the dialog going
The AI assistant perfectly holds the context of a conversation, and you can have long conversations with it on a wide variety of topics, including very specialized ones, just as you do with humans.
Voice input
Record and send voice messages or long notes to your assistant, dictate ideas or requests on the go.
Message analysis
Forward messages from other messages or Telegram channels to your assistant. Ask him to analyze the information, help you compose a correct answer or give an expert opinion.
Computer vision
Recognizes charts, photos, illustrations and complex images. Ask to create product descriptions from a photo, create instructions for using an interface, or create its code from an image on a napkin.

15+ business functions

To solve complex and routine
management tasks
Work with documents
Attach documents: presentations, scans, articles or contracts and have the Assessor analyze the content, summarize or translate.
Web search
Search for important information, links, information about counterparts, things or objects directly in Telegram. Get information about the content of individual html pages.
Work with video and images
Find inspiration and learn with global video and image search. Assistant will find what you need and send you the content you want.
Working with tasks, contacts, links and notes
Ask Assistant to save tasks, contacts, links, or notes, and then ask Assistant for this information.
Breaking News
Get news from around the world for any period and on any topic with a simple request.
Currency, stock and cryptocurrency rates
Get up-to-date information on stock prices and currencies.
Image Creation
Visualize ideas, create illustrations for social media and come up with images in any style.
Creating mind maps
and diagrams on any topic.
Create mindmaps with an action plan, visualize organizational structures or design a business process.
Mathematical calculations
Ask the AI Assistant to do a profit calculation, figure out the cost of goods with markup, overpayment of interest on loans, or some other calculation.
Inventive problem solving
Discover a systematic approach to problem solving that will help you overcome creative deadlocks and find non-standard solutions to even the most complex problems. With TRIZ you will be able to generate interesting ideas, new business models, optimize processes and create value propositions that will put your business in the best position.
Product improvement using Kano's model.
Use the power of Japanese methodologies to improve the features or expand the functions of products, goods and services. Just ask the Assistant to think of ways to improve the product and he will suggest cool solutions.
Business modeling
Ask your Assistant to come up with a new business model or describe an existing one. Using Lean Canvas or Business Model Canvas he will do it perfectly and systematize the idea of the main tasks that create value.


We respect privacy, so Intellbot does not record your communication history with Business Assistant, and the documents and files you send to it for analysis are sent to it simply as text and are not stored anywhere.

Super capabilities and control

Along with an AI assistant
on Telegram, you'll have access:
A better way to get your home, rental, or office clean.
  • To the full-screen interface for a more focused interaction with the assistant and advanced features.
  • To Intellbot platform for AI assistant fine-tuning and data monitoring.
2 simple steps to create Assistant
Fill out the form (3 minute)
Click on the "Create" button and fill out the small form you need to customize the AI assistant.

On the last step you need to add
Username, which is used in Telegram to integrate the Assistant into the messenger.
Get an e-mail
(1 minute)
After filling out the form, within 1 minute, we will send an email with a link to a personal assistant created just for you.

With Intellbot Assistant you get:

  • 30%
    Up to 2.5 hours per day of
    savings working time
    Savings from routine tasks
  • +70%
    Up to 70% increase in speed
    decision making
    Savings from analytical tasks
  • +50%
    Up to 50% stress reduction and increased motivation
    Savings through very personalized support
What users say
  • Max Yurin

    Founder of advertising agency Little Big Agency, fashion-brand GLOVE.ME, partner of Wonder Family.

    I've been using the Intellbot AI business assistant for several weeks now. First of all, I was attracted by the ability to set up the assistant as a bot in Telegram. It's very convenient since most of my work and personal correspondence is also there.

    It's cool that the bot uses multiple connected neural networks of the latest versions and can perform many tasks beyond their scope – in other Telegram bot analogs, I've seen all this separately (and not of the best quality). But here, it's like a 'Swiss Army knife' for the majority of my tasks.
  • Kirill Kazakov
    Founder at Intellbot
    We designed Intellbot as a platform for creating top-notch multifunctional assistants that would be Jarvis or Alfreds for entrepreneurs and their businesses. I already have one, I use it actively, and I recommend it to you.
Start for free, and once activated, pay as much
as you feel you need to pay
Individual plan
Corporate plan
After the trial period, you need to purchase the basic package once.
  • Includes 500 calls to the Assistant
  • GPT-4-turbo
  • All functions included
  • Solving complex problems
  • -----------------------
  • + Team support
  • + Additional functions*
You can replenish requests in any volume required.
from $10
  • For every +50 Assistant calls
  • GPT-4-turbo
  • All functions included
  • Solving complex problems
  • -----------------------
  • + Team support
  • + Additional functions*
  • + Function Updates *
Monthly plan
Requires own access
to the OpenAI API
  • No limits on Assistant calls
  • All functions are enabled.
  • -----------------------
  • + Team support
  • + Help with API access
  • + Ability to connect corporate knowledge
  • + Additional functions on request *
Contact us
Annual plan
Requires own access
to the OpenAI API
  • Additional 20% savings
  • No limits on Assistant calls
  • All functions included.
  • -----------------------
  • + Team support
  • + Help with API access
  • + Ability to connect corporate knowledge
  • + Additional functions on request *
Contact us
What model of AI is used by the Assistants under the hood?
The main model we use at Intellbot is GPT-4-turbo. This is the most advanced Artificial Intelligence model available today, at your personal disposal. The assistant uses other AI models to perform auxiliary tasks.
How is your AI assistant different from other solutions on the market?
Quality, functionality, applications and individuality. If you have something to compare it with, compare it.
Can an AI assistant adapt to the specifics of my business?
Yes, our Business Assistants are context and business specific. Whether it's the oil industry or show business, the Business Assistant adapts and helps you with a wide range of tasks.
Did you just bolt on the ChatGPT API?
No. Business assistants are the result of over a year of work. We use the OpenAI API only to access the most advanced artificial intelligence model, but under the hood it is just a smart "dummy". We have a proprietary architecture for business assistants to make them multi-functional agents - the kind we use ourselves. And with the help of prompt engineering, we customized the AI so that it would be an order of magnitude more powerful, more human, and more personal.
I have a small team. Can I use Assistant for a group of individuals?
Sure. You can create an assistant and, for example, try to add it to a group Telegram chat or share a link to the full-screen version with your colleagues for general use. But in that case, you'll lose personalization and may need additional settings. But we can help with that. There is a limit of up to 5 people. For large teams we have a separate offer with the ability to train the assistant on corporate data with RAG and create your own functions . If interested - email us at
My free period is over. How do I pay?
To activate the Assistant and first recharge calls to the Assistant, you need to email us at - we will send you a link for payment. After that you will be able to top up calls through access to the platform (provided together with the creation of the assistant).
I use it on Telegram. The assistant sometimes doesn't respond. Are these unanswered requests also counted in the cost of use?
Rarely, but this can happen in Telegram, because the messenger itself does not allow to send and receive messages longer than 4000 characters, and the Assistant tries to send a message of longer length. If you encounter a problem, write to us at and send us the recorded cases. We will compensate for these calls by adding them to the existing ones. p.s. This problem is not present in the fullscreen interface of the Assistant.
What files and documents can the Assistant work with?
In the Telegram version of the assistant you can attach images, photos or documents to your messages. The following formats are supported for sending documents: text scans, pdf files, and word documents with an average size of no more than 20-30 pages, as well as pptx presentations and excel spreadsheets. You can attach photos, jpg or png files as images to your Assistant messages. Please keep in mind that the AI Assistant can work with documents of relatively small text volumes.
I have my own account and API KEY in Open AI. Can I connect it to the Assistant?
Yes, but this is only possible for enterprise users. For example, you want to create assistants for all your key employees and balance the costs of AI implementation. In that case, you can contact us and we will discuss the details.
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