How it work

While people around the world have been captured by interest in ChatGPT, we decided to look to the future and focus on developing personal and functional AI business assistants in customer interfaces. We believe that in just a few years the Internet as we know it will be transformed and the main point of interaction with information in a virtual environment will be artificial intelligence.

Our AI business assistants know how to draw on information from documents, connect to databases, to the Internet or to software, and work within your interface.
How we build AI business assistants:
You send us a request for development
We explore your vision and expectations and discuss functionality.
We clean and prepare
the data
We analyze the information, clean it up
and translate it into index space.
We fine-tune the AI and connect the tools
Depending on tasks, we customize promts and connect additional tools.
Integrate the assistant into your website or software
We design the AI assistant in your corporate style, implement it in your workspace.


We develop flexible solutions that work in any web or local information environment. Intellbot can be customizable in the following ways:
By screen format
Intellbot can work on horizontal or vertical screens. Vertical solutions are great for Indoor navigation systems. Imagine a counter that, on request, will tell a person how to get to the right place.
By design style
You can order the assistant in your own corporate style: from using your own logo, to changing the background the background and design of the dialog box.
By installation method
Intellbot can be built into the interface in any way you like. This can be a full screen or a pop-up window of your desired size.
By purpose
We divide AI business assistants into three groups: informational, functional and analytical.

Information AI assistants provide summarized or detailed information on the requested topic upon request. 2.

2.Functional AI assistants can perform various tasks by human request: set a task, send an e-mail, make an appointment and so on.

3.Analytical AI assistants can count, pull data, and provide analytical answers to a human query.

Speed and cost of development

The speed of development and implementation depends on your tasks and varies from 2 weeks to several months.

A simple informational AI assistant is created quickly and costs about the same as
you would spend to develop a chatbot with traditional technology.

A complex business assistant costs as much as it would cost to develop full-fledged software. But because we already have the technology lined up, it will be cheaper than you would create a solution yourself.

Security: Intellbot solutions are built on the GPT-3.5 Turbo neural network. We don't share your corporate data with OpenAI. They are stored separately on a secure resource. Once the data is converted into a vector, you get access to it.

Associated costs: GPT-3.5 Turbo is accessed via API and is done on a commercial basis. We will create an account for you if you don't already have one. All keys are kept by you and belong to you. For the cost of accessing the GPT API, click here.

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